Types of Christians at APU

Song of the Day: Maybe IDK- Jon Bellion 

Hello, I am a twenty-one year old,  first generation, college student who will be starting her junior year in a couple months at Azusa Pacific University. Whoop!

Like every college campus APU is not exempt from the errors of youth. Unfortunately, seeing as we are all “Christians”, most transgressions are hidden in innocent packages. I still smell cannabis, but if your’e smart enough, you will get the kind that smells like anointing oil. The hydro flask trend is on the rise for those who wish to follow Jesus’ example and miraculously turn water into wine. To the engaged couples taking Genesis 2:24 a bit too literally, all I can say is that we have thin walls. Try not to make a racket when you become “one flesh” with your partner, alright? Don’t even try to tell me that the chapel-card-trade-off doesn’t get out of hand either! Every time a freshman trades a chapel absence for booze or money we are putting a price on God. Yet we still do it.

Don’t get me wrong, not ALL of us have mischief in our hearts and curse words on our lips. There are different types of Christians at APU that couldn’t possibly be guilty of any of the aforementioned transgressions. Such as:

  1. The Holier Than Thou Christian: I won’t disrespect the Christians who seem to have their act together. They have a fire for Jesus and a desire to do all things in the name of Christ. They have random Hill Song jam sessions at Starbucks.  They carpool to church every Sunday. Almost every single one of you relish the chance to be in God’s creation with nothing but a Bible and a camping back pack.
  2. The Woke AF Chrisitan:  Some examples of your typical Woke AF Christians are the LGBTQ Christians, Catholics, the ethnic youth pastors in training, the spiritually awkward, etc.  When you are Woke AF, you basically don’t fit into the  “holier than thou mold.” Since this is a very broad category, I will focus in on my own experience. I recognize how full my life can be with God, but there’s hesitation. My heart and my mind don’t align themselves correctly. I have hang ups and mental/spiritual blocks I can’t get past and in the end all my answers to the big questions are, “I don’t know.” But maybe not knowing is okay, as long as I am actively working on it.
  3. The Back Slider Christian:You still tell your parents that you go to church on Sundays, but really, you are probably sleeping off a hangover. You decide to have the full college experience with sports team parties every weekend. You are working your way through the 3:1 girl to guy ratio slowly, but surely. You have given up on the whole Christian thing because you can’t see it. You can’t see yourself as a bible verse quoting Awana kid with a rated PG lifestyle anymore.

I’m sure there are many more Christian types at APU but these are the ones I have encountered the most. One of the great things about APU is that there are so many denominations and styles to experience.  So maybe the titles I gave them aren’t true to their qualities? I mean, how can the Holier Christian be called holy when they are so judgmental of the Woke AF and Back Slider Christians? How can I use the title Woke AF when I haven’t been awakened by J.C. or the good new? If anything I feel deadened. And are the back sliders really so far gone that they can’t be brought back? Back to what they know is ultimately good and right.

I don’t know.


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