Why I Love Cry Baby

Song of the day: Pacify Her, Mr. Brightside (Mashup)-The Killers & Melanie Martinez

Melanie Martinez is eccentric and a bit off her rocker, but according to her, usually “the best people are.” One might ask why an artist would willingly dress up like a child? And the answer can only be found in her haunting lyrics. To Martinez, all adults secretly act like children. It’s when we are our pettiest and most vulnerable that we show are childlike qualities. In her debut album, Cry Baby, she writes about many issues she has personally struggled with. Issues such as cracking under the image of perfection, admitting to verbal mistakes, and taking part in the risky business of trusting someone with your heart.

My favorite songs off the album are Pacify Her, Soap, Training Wheels, Pity Party, and Dollhouse.giphy-downsized (11)

Pacify Her:

To Melanie, love is a petty game between two girls fighting over the best toy. Cry Baby, Melanie’s Alter Ego, argument is that the boytoy “wants” to play with her, even though it or he is in the possession of the other girl. In this scenario the guy is tired of his girlfriend and he wants to break up with her to be with Cry Baby. Cry Baby’s message to the boy is “Pacify her/She’s getting on my nerves/You don’t love her/Stop lying with those words.” And yet he still stays with her.


If your parent used soap as a punishment for saying curse words then you weren’t alone. I’m sure that a bath tub was a necessity in your house to help wash off a long day of play. It is also a useful place to commit suicide without making too much of a mess. Cry Baby said “I love you” too soon and she is so distraught over her words that she wants to commit suicide in the tub by throwing a toaster in it. A tragic way to die.

Training Wheelsgiphy-downsized (12)

All adults put on training wheels when a relationship first starts. It’s difficult to trust your partner, but once you can ride with confidence, it’s time to take the training wheels off. One must allow themselves to be vulnerable to love as well as heartbreak. This song is one of the happier ones and it’s a nice break from the seemingly light heavy topics Melanie is fond of.

Pity Party

Pity Party is about an adult tantrum. Cry Baby has put in the effort and the time to try and please other people, but she can’t make people like her. So she feels out of control. It’s easier just to throw a party for herself where she is the guest of honor and then afterwards burn all of her efforts to the ground. In the song she repeats the lyric, “I’m laughing, I’m crying It feels like I’m dying/I’m laughing, I’m crying/ It feels like I’m dying.” That lyric was made for the emotionally confused!On a day where you just can’t win this is the song you should listen to.DollhouseMV10

 Doll House

Cry Baby’s doll house and doll family is picture perfect, from the outside. But inside the doll house lies a dysfunctional family. The mom is a drunk, the father is a cheater, and the brother is high all the time. Don’t believe everything you see.

I hope you come to enjoy Melanie Martinez as much as I have. She has been my go to musician for my lingering post adolescent angst. I am not the judge of musical composition, but I know golden lyrics when I hear it.


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