Versace on the…Oh!

Song of the Day: Bruno Mars vs David Guetta-Versace on the Floor 

Bruno Mars exits the elevator and spots a glittering goddess…Zendaya. She gives him a smoldering up and down glance. She enters into her room without a word. He proceeds into a separate dimly lit room where a starry backdrop reflects off the top of a clear piano. He hits the first few chords and his voice convinces you that you never needed anyone or anything else–“Let’s take our time tonight, girl/
Above us all the stars are watchin’/ There’s no place I’d rather be in this world…”

Zendaya hears his voice through the thin walls like a siren call. She dances in a sparkly dress and mirrors Bruno’s lips as he sings the lyrics, “Versace on the floor…” As the song winds down, Bruno’s seduction is complete. Her versace dress falls to the floor and she tiptoes off to her lover.bruno-mars-versace-on-the-floor-video-premiere

A New Wave of Sexy Turns Twenty

To me Zendaya plays the no-makeup-high school outcast in Spiderman Homecoming. Or maybe a little squirt on the Disney channel, but it’s hard for me to accept her as a sex symbol. As a twenty year old girl she is literally a freshly minted adult.

Which makes me wonder, since when did my age group become sexually desired?

Putting 1996 into Perspective

giphy-downsized (22)

I was born May 16, 1996 and following my birth was the birth of the uprising stars Zendaya, Sophie Turner, Tom Holland, and Hailee Steinfield. Today they are sexy new actors and musicians. As a #Hollander you dote over the adorkable charms of the new Spiderman. You have seen Sophie Turner play Sansa Stark on a show known for its debauchery and dragons. Or you may have even heard  Hailee singing about how “Starving” she is as she dances around half naked men in her video. Well to put their age into perspective, you should know that all of these actors and actresses are the equivalent of college Juniors and Seniors.

As a Dork my main desire is to have enough money to pay for spotify and my gym membership every month. I like to paint my toes turquoise, because it makes me feel like there is a lovely surprise whenever I take off my shoes. I watch Avatar the Last Air bender and Friends whenever school stresses me out.

I do not have a ravenous sexual appetite and I do no not party (a personal choice). There is no way I would be able to wear Versace or rent a room next to Bruno Mars, because twenty-one is hardly glamorous. It’s just young.

The Funny thing

The funny thing is that the more I watch Versace on the floor the more normalized it becomes. Of course Zendaya was meant to be the mysterious girl across the hall. Of course their chemistry is off the charts. Of course a thirty-one year old would hook up with a twenty year old if he had the chance…no question! PicsArt_08_15_2017 12_28_54

I love this song, but when I listen, a part of  me forgets that something about the video is a little unsettling.

I accept the fact that my age is youthful and romantic. That everyone wants to return to the sexual peak of their twenties.


it’s important to keep in mind that the young men and woman you are lusting after ARE still kids. Regardless of how attractive they become or how grown up they portray themselves, they are still kids. I am still a kid.


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