Bonjour Dorkly!: The Bus Ride (Part 1)

Song of the day: Worth It (Perfect)-Superfruit

Junior year is pivotal in one’s high school career. This is the time to take your SAT’s and to start thinking about future colleges. A lot is riding on your academic success and by now you have solidified your rank in the status quo, or at least you should have if you went to the same school for the past three years. I, however, transferred to a public high school my junior year. This change was major for a born and bred private Christian school girl who felt wrong in anything other than a freshly pressed uniform. What shocked me the most about the change was the public display of affection granted among students. I literally had to step over a horizontal couple making out in the middle of a hallway on my way to class. I remember eating lunch with a group of girls and one of them casually slipped into a conversation about how she had lost her virginity to a friend. It didn’t take me long to figure out that not everyone agreed with the Christian (Proverbs 31) virtues of modesty and chastity.

This new  Land of Suck Face, held opportunities that I had never ever had access to before. I could date, flirt, and show affection without having to wear an emblazoned scarlet “A” on my chest. It felt good to have a choice.

So of course my next course of action was to find a boy to publicly dote over. And there was one boy in particular who caught my fancy.

Dorian LTG.

Out of all of my classes AP US History had the largest majority of males. On the first day I clearly remember scanning the entire class for any attractive boys. I found Dorian in a throng of female adoration. He arrived to class tardy and the teacher already hated him. I, however, decided that I wanted to know him. I wanted him as my friend desperately.giphy-downsized (13) Why you ask? Well, he represented everything that I wasn’t. He had a sexy confidence that none of the boys at my Christian school had. What he lacked in devastatingly handsome looks, he made up for with a flirty demeanor and a mild french accent. He gave hugs, compliments, and his number out so freely it was endearingly frustrating. What made Dorian attractive was that he made you feel special after you talked with him.  Whoever taught him this devilry needs to share it with the rest of the world or face the guillotine for their crimes against humanity. His nonchalance was mesmerizing and I wanted to be near him.

Luckily, I used my bad eyesight to rearrange my seating, so that I could sit directly  behind Dorian. The class shattered my mind from sheer boredom, but i managed to pass the time by sketching him in the margins of my notebook. For now I was content with silently doting over his back, but I hoped that one day, he would notice me in his peripheral vision.

giphy-downsized (15)

3.5-4 Minute Window

My mission began when I discovered him walking out of his engineering class while I was on my way to my second period Graphic Design class. We just happened to walk the same way, it was providence! If I could approach him I would have at least 3.5-4  precious minutes to try to talk to him. As for what I would say, all I had to do was mention AP US History and the rest of the conversation would come naturally. All I needed was my foot in the door. I took a leap of faith the next day and my plan unfolded beautifully. It was a great segue for larger conversations in history class. Pretty soon he expected me to be close by. All I had to do was walk close by and he would say, “Hi Dorkly…” An unprecedented success in the Dorkly Annals. 

Field Trip

In one particular conversation the topic was about an upcoming field trip for an Engineering class we both had at different periods. It was a field trip to UCLA.

“Are you going?” he casually asked.

I had no intention of doing such a thing. The last thing I wanted was for my mom to be there as is the duty of an overprotective parent.

“Yes! I’m looking forward to it!”


“Good, I’ll see you there.” he departed for his class and I was left calculating all the possible ways this scheme may end up embarrassing me into an oblivion… I needed to haggle my way onto the roster and I needed to convince my mom not to come.

After ages of persuasion  I was rewarded with a half win. I didn’t convince my mom not to come, but I did get on the roster. If I played my cards right this would be a perfect opportunity to  burst out of my 3.5-4 minute window of small talk with Dorian and really get to know him.


The entire field trip was miserable. I don’t like anything math related but regardless, I was still eligible for the field trip because I was in the school’s S.T.E.M.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Medicine) Magnet.  As a prospective English major you can imagine the agony I was in during the lectures. But hope wasn’t lost! I had the bright  idea to bring my kindle with me if I got bored so I could play  fruit ninja. During the last lecture I past Dorian a note asking him if he wanted to play a game for the bus ride back. He wrote on the note and sent “sure” back. We passed notes for the rest of the lecture.

giphy-downsized (18)It was finally time to go home and we found each other before we got on the bus. One of his friends tried to sit down next to him and Dorian told him that he was going to sit next to me. We were smooshed into our seats so closely that our thighs bumped into each other with every abrupt stop. (I apologized each time they touched out of nervousness.)  Our conversation was excellent as I destroyed him in the game. I mostly listened about his plans for the future and asked questions about him. When the driver informed us that we were going to experience about half an hour worth of Los Angeles traffic I wasn’t bothered in the least. The longer it took to get back to the school the better.

Back to School

When we got back to school I mentioned that I needed help with my Engineering project and I would appreciate his help when he had time. To my surprise, our time wasn’t over after we got off the bus. He decided to help me right then and there because attending the middle of a trig lecture was just going to ruin a perfectly good field trip buzz. So he crashed my class and hung out with me for a large part of the period. In the Dorkly Annals I labeled this day as“Perfect.” 

Thus far my bold actions had paid off and I was willing to scheme a bit further to get what I wanted…

[COMING SOON- Bonjour Dorkly!: Valentine’s Day (Part 2) ]


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  1. […] Like the Dork that I am I wanted in on the festivities. My goal was simply to get Dorian’s number so we could at least text each other. So I formulated a plan to make Dorian feel good all day. I bought two Valentine-grams and sent them to his second period class. The night before I picked out a cute outfit which was  A pink crew neck sweater with a blue button down collar peeking out, tan tennis shoe heels and black slacks. My glasses completed the look. I had out Dorked myself for that 3.5-4 minute window of small talk we had between first and second period. [See Previous Post] […]

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