7 Things I Will and Will NOT Miss About My First Job


Song of the Day: Ruby- Kaieserchiefs Ruby- Kaieserchiefs 

Two weeks ago I started my new job as a barista. While I was messing up orders and fumbling over the newness of the job, I couldn’t help but miss some things about my old job. SO I decided to write about the 7 things I will miss and will not miss about my first job:

The Free Food

  • Will Miss: Free food. Food is life. If you do decide to work in college it is a very good idea to work at a place that has food. I worked in a sit down dinning area, so the food was the fanciest on campus. Left overs were almost always a sure thing if you were doing a closing shift.
  • Will Not: The only thing that I will not miss is the knowledge of how every little thing is prepared.

The People

  • Will Miss: I love my munchkins. I have been responsible for many students, which has given me a rare opportunity to form meaningful relationships on the daily. Some of the coolest people work in the cafeteria and I would have never met them if I hadn’t spent hours upon hours cleaning, prepping, and serving alongside of them.
  • Will Not: The inevitable drama between staff and staff, students and staff, students and staff and directors. I will not miss this at all. It’s funny how adults are sometimes worse than students.


Having Flexible Hours

  • Will Miss: My manager was really understanding. He gave you as many or as little hours as you wished. He also gave student leads priority, which was amazing!
  • Not Miss: Him calling me in at the last-minute. Most of my problems between my Manager stemmed from lack of communication.
  • Side Story: I would like to give the spotlight to my old manager who is incredibly caring. He once bought me two bottles of NyQuil, and delivered it to my apartment when I was sick. The store I tried to buy it from had a twenty-one or over age restriction on NyQuil (due to its miniscule traces of alcohol).

Having Authority

  • Will Miss: This is the first leadership opportunity I have ever had. The very first shifts I orchestrated were Wednesday nights and Friday mornings. I was so impressed that people respected me for my knowledge and actually did what I said. For the first time my voice mattered. I was so impressed with their patience and goodwill that at the end of the semester I decided to thank all of my team by getting them presents for Christmas. I ended up spending an entire weekend wrapping and buying cute little gifts.They were so grateful and I was so happy that they were happy.WP_20161207_20_11_14_Pro
  • Will Not: I have gone home several times in emotional shambles. Leadership takes a toll on you. Whenever I fully immersed myself in this job I would always get emotionally wrecked.

The Closing Playlists

Venue Hacks and Hook ups

  • Will Miss:Since I know the staff there are definite perks that I am not at liberty to discuss. When you walk in and ask for some chocolate syrup for your ice cream you know exactly where they keep it and sometimes you can just get it yourself. I have seen so many customers put together different combinations of food that I automatically memorized the best ones.
  • Will Not: Nah…I’m just going to miss this one.

Kitchen/Cooking Skills

  • Will Miss: Learning new cooking skills that I can use at home. I’m a boss when it comes to chopping. Before this job I was hesitant to cook any sort of meat, because I didn’t know the proper temperatures. Now I cook very tender and moist cuts of poultry, pork, beef, and fish.
  • Will Not: I have injured myself so many times in the kitchen and in front of house that it was getting a bit ridiculous. I would like to avoid cutting myself with freshly sharpened knives just by grazing them slightly. I literally wasn’t even going for a knife and I somehow got nicked by a cleaver!!! When I showed my supervisor it looked bloodied and terrible, even though it was only a small nick. I have even cut a chunk out of my fingertip before! Safety first people. Safety first.


In hindsight I had a pretty sweet gig. But I am looking forward to taking the confidence the first job has given me and bringing it into all the jobs that are bound to follow. 



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