Chapter 4: APU Dating Culture

Check out my contribution to this collaborative technical manual, “Surviving the Zu at APU.”

Surviving the ZU at APU

“Look who got engaged ladies!” A pang of jealousy runs through you as Becky waves her engagement ring under the noses of a throng of envious Cougs: God first. It’s a J color I. clarity ½ carat solitaire princess cut, but that’s none of your business. It makes her finger look fat.  How are you actually supposed to meet that God-fearing man or woman at APU when the girl to guy ratio is 3:1? Come a bit closer and I’ll tell you how. In chapter four we will be covering: 

  • Who to date
  • Finding a date  
  • How to ask them in 4 Easy Steps
  • Places to DTR
  • Dating through the years
  • Thirsty 101

Appearing Dateable

How does any animal attract a potential mate in the wild? With careful grooming and mating rituals. In the ZU there is no difference. Here are a few tips on attracting a soulmate:

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